How To Weld Stainless Steel With A MIG Welder

How To Weld Stainless Steel With A MIG Welder?

Welding stainless steel using a MIG welder is pretty straight forward.You can also learn about how to weld aluminum to steel on google and in our website. Welding stainless steel works similar to welding carbon steel. To be safe, I advise you to wait until you master welding carbon steel before you tackle welding stainless steel or nickel alloys. 

A MIG welding process is not that much difficult for stainless steel, and here’s a complete guide on how to weld stainless steel with a MIG welder. 

No doubt you can become a stainless steel welding expert if you dodge these issues:

  • Distortion of weld joints
  • Cord/liners issues with MIG guns

How To Weld Stainless Steel With A MIG Welder

Mostly, MIG welding stainless steel is pretty simple for expert welders. However, it would help if you mastered programming a MIG welding robot to join the metal and place the pieces inside for those who fall into this category.

However, sometimes this simple method looks terrifying to some welders. So, below are some tips to consider if you want a perfect joint:

Assembling The Joints During Welding

Keep the workpiece properly placed and assembled before welding if you don’t want to slip or ruin the angle resulting in improper welds. More so, you can use wooden blocks cut to ensure proper angles.

Heat Distribution From The Weld

It’s real trouble of burns and cracks if the welding process doesn’t distribute the heat properly. Why does it happen? In welding, the arm moves quickly and efficiently to complete the job because of mechanical precision. 

By choosing a welding range of 2/1,000 a second, you can minimize the risk of weld splatter.

Blending inert gases

One of the crucial aspects of MIG weld stainless steel is to choose the suitable gas according to the metal gauge. As mentioned by Lincoln Electric, “You don’t have to use 100% inert gas such as helium or argon to weld stainless steel.”

The above statement comes true because the arcing phenomenon of the MIG process involves the use of filler. Thus, making it different from TIG processes. But if you do so, you can face the negative impact of efficiency on the arc.

Weld Joint Cleanup

MIG weld spatters, usually caused by the use of filler material- even if you have a fast and competent machine. Further, this spatter leaves permanent marks on the final product, so holding it can cause injury.

MIG welding experts polish stainless steel wire, through sanding or electropolishing in order to increase safety measures and produce a great design. 

That’s It:

Now, we have answered how to weld stainless steel with a MIG welder. So, get a MIG welder, and join stainless steel to earn some cash. 

Thanks for staying with us until the very end; happy Welding

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