Cheapest Welding Helmet 2022

Cheapest Welding Helmet 2022 – Unbiased Reviews

Whether you are a professional welder or just an occasional welder, the best welding helmet 2022 is necessary. More so, for your job and your eyes, you’ll have to invest in a helmet that protects you from sparks, eye strain, and other harmful gases. 

Moreover, we have thoroughly researched all the products on the market in order to provide you with this comprehensive guide. Below, you’ll find the most in-demand welding helmets along with a buyer’s guide that’ll let you select the best helmet in 2022. 

Stay with us to enjoy the best experience. Good Luck!

5 Best Welding Helmet 2022 – Tailor-Made And Hand Picked For You

Here comes the most exciting topic of today’s talk, the reviews that led you to click on our article to select the best welding helmet for Beginners. Here We Go!!!

Note: We base our Critics for any of the products reviewed below on a majority of customer reviews and our own experience with the product.

1. Optrel Crystal 2.0 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

9.7/10 Our Score

Besides being the best budget welding helmet and our top pick, Optrel Crystal 2.0 1006.900 consists of a crystal clear 2.0 shade that’s unmatched in the market. Following this, you’ll get to experience a fully automatic shade with a grade between 4 and 12 Arc brightness detection that’s more than enough to see the workpiece from a helmet.

More so, its autopilot feature lets your eyes, relax and remain safe from flames, smoke, aerosols, and dust because it transmits 31% of the light in bright conditions. What about ratings? Based on its performance and safety, the 2.0 has a 1/1/1/1 rating, beating its competitors by a wide margin. 

Further, you’ll also get external controls to adjust the helmet from welding to grinding mode in a matter of seconds without lifting the helmet. As well, the brand includes exterior knobs to control delay and sensitivity manually. Finally, for practical sensor usability, you’ll need to install two Cr2 batteries. But don’t worry! You’ll get these along with the package.

Talking about its proper colour mode enables you to see more spectrum colours than ordinary “Green” spectrum lenses. Other than that, Crystal 2.0 contains a patented exciter that fits perfectly to provide extra comfort, balance, and less neck fatigue in the long term. 

Its angle detection sensors are probably the coolest thing you will ever see in a helmet. As it lowers the welding angle from 120° to 60° in order to prevent the ADF from responding to welding nearby. One more thing, its total weight is 1.72 pounds, and its overall dimensions are 11.02” x 10.79” x 9.25”. 

Every product has its downsides, even if it’s the best thing in the world, and crystal 2.0 is no exception. 

The Optrel Crystal 2.0 has only three sensors that delay its auto-darkening feature. So you may experience flashes and eye strain while using it for longer hours. Mostly, the issue arises when stick welding, but if your welding job only revolves around MIG welding, then you’re better to go with it.


  • Highest Safety Class (TH3)
  • 31% light transmission under bright conditions (level 2 protection!)
  • True color spectrum
  • Sensitivity controls
  • Extra clear front cover for the lens
  • Arc flashes when stick welding
  • Non-durable outer protectors for stick welders
  • Uncomfortable very bright centre vision distracts the welder to focus
  • Above lens sensors

2. Best Welding Helmet For Sensitive Eyes-Lincoln Electric K3034-4

Value for money
9.5/10 Our Score

Here comes the Viking of our list. We call the Lincoln Electric K3350 a Viking because of its 4th generation auto darkening glass that’s a powerful blend of comfort and productivity.

  • Value for money
  • A good deal of severe welders
  • Great visibility
  • Comes with a bunch of extra clear shields
  • Headgear loses up again and again
  • Non-durable buttons may lead to stuck in one mode such as grind or weld
  • The headgear knob has a short life
  • The battery is short, but there’s a solar charger available
Best Lightweight
9.3/10 Our Score

Team Jackson is playing a vital role in providing the best budget welding helmets. Their products are long-lasting, extra comfortable and yet again super budget-friendly. Today, we’ve 46131 helmets with 3 different modes, including MIG, TIG, and Arc welding, along with the grind mode of these processes.

Want to tackle metal pieces at any time of the day? If you just said yes, then Jackson 46131 is a perfect match for you because it consists of variable shades that range from 9 to 13. Along with that, you can also control sensitivity and delay for different tasks and times with its digital Variable controls.

With a variable auto-darkening feature, you’ll enjoy welding for longer hours without any eye strain. And its ultra-lightweight shell keeps your neck fatigue free all the time. Further, the Jackson 46131 features 4 sensors that reduce light blockage. As well as its 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating and true tone prove that it’s the best welding helmet for the money.

Above all, it consists of a 370-speed dial super comfortable grip headgear system for added comfort level. The product also contains a HLX 100 shell that helps to provide a clear viewpoint when working in tight spots. Another thing, it meets ANSI Z87.1 2010 standards, and is CSA compliant.

In fact, the brand keeps a 3.93” x 2.36” large viewing area for optimal vision at work. Its total weight is 2 pounds and its overall dimensions are 1” x 1” x 1”. Other than that, Jackson’s ADF has 823 hours long-lasting battery.

Unlike the Lincoln, the Jackson helmet has the same issues as the headgear. As per the research, we came to conclude that the top part of the losses quickly. Other than that, its diameter is sometimes too loose or too tight, which creates awkward and uncomfortable feelings while wearing it.

One more important thing to include, the product itself is great. But your eyes may experience some burns due to its low-quality lens retention and dust retention. Yet it’s not the right choice for SMAW, and if you’re a GTAW style then it’s good to go.

  • Lightweight
  • Great hood for hobbyists or professionals
  • Value for money
  • Great auto-darkening viewpoint
  • Best for narrow points
  • Flimsy helmet material
  • Not suitable for SMAW
  • Scratchable material

4. Best Welding Helmet For The Money-YESWELDER

large viewing screen
9.1/10 Our Score

Want to spend your bucks wisely on a welding helmet that lasts longer? If so, the YESWELDER LYG-M800H is the right fit for you because the brand has recently upgraded its gadgets. Due to the reduced use of lime green shade in the view screen, the upgrade offers improved visibility and reduces eye strain.

In addition, its pivot-style headgear makes it a perfect choice for TIG, MIG, MMA, and Plasma Applications. As for grinding, you do not have to lift the mask because this mask has grinding features as well.

Regarding its true tone technology, we gave it a 1/1/1/2 optical clarity grade, but don’t worry! It will never disappoint you with visibility because of its low limelight tint.

With 4 optical arc sensors and a wider viewing screen, the brand makes sure that you make the most of it from their gear’s auto-darkening feature. Further, these sensors allow you to control sensitivity and are the main factor for the blockage of unnecessary light.

Its super large viewing screen at 3.93″X3.66″ makes it the best budget helmet. While its increased battery life up to 3000 hours with solar power allows you to work for uncounted hours.

When it comes to safety, even in the lowest budget, this product meets all safety and technical standards which includes EN379 and ANSI Z87.1. One more thing, its auto-darkening feature is super fast at 1/10000 seconds. Its overall weight is 2.2 pounds with 12.5” x 7.9” x 9.75” dimensions.

The whole package includes two replacement lenses, one replacement battery and one storage bag.

Down to it degrades, the helmet is suitable for occasional welders as it lacks in certain areas that a commercial welder doesn’t like. First things first, for longer hours, the lime green tint can be mild, and your eyes may get flashed. Following this, the bolts of headgear are not so durable and most important, its lens can stop viewing if you sweat a lot.

  • Incredible clarity
  • Extra-large viewing screen
  • Improves welding
  • Adjustable tint
  • Extra comfortable
  • Bolts roll away easily
  • Flicker when on or off in grind mode
  • Shade level changes

5. Best Welding Helmet Under $50 -TOOLIOM

Low Price Game Changer
9.0/10 Our Score

Here comes the last product of our today’s review. However, it’s last but not the least. The reason why we included TOOLIOM TL-L600A in our premium devices list is its lens that contains 9 to 13 shades of weld modes and 4 shades of grind modes as well.

Another reason is its 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating that provides enough viewing experience that you can expect from an under $100 product. Plus, its true colour technology enables you to see the welding pieces with a clear sight view to let you know what’s happening over there.

What about comfort? The device consists of a lightweight shell with breathable, sweat absorbing headgear in a beautiful black butterfly style. Its style adds more thrill to your personality, while its auto-darkening feature lets you adjust the delay and sensitivity.

With 3.64”x1.67″ large viewing area, you’ll be able to see the world on a large screen. At the same time, its black tint protects your eyes from burns and strains because of DIN16 UV/IR protection glass. Also, the brand sells a magnifying lens/cheater for people who want to see more clearly.

As from its name, this headgear is most suitable for various processes like welding and grinding with a switch time of 1/10000 seconds. The most appropriate methods include TIG, MIG, and MMA welding.

Talking about TOOLIOM TL-L600A safety standards, this under $50 helmet meets all safety and technical measures, including ANSI Z87.1 / EN379 CE / CSA Z94.3. Plus, it comes with a battery, two replacement outer lenses, one replacement inner lens, and a user guide.

At 1.94 pounds, it’s the most lightweight welding helmet on our list, with a total of 12” x 10” x 7” dimensions.

Ah, huh! While it is difficult for us to criticize any product, we must provide you with unbiased information. In order to fully explain the flaws a product has. So here we go again with the TOOLIOM TL-L600A.

Let us first highlight the fact that its inside and outside are both easily scratchable. Secondly, its lens isn’t scratch-resistant. Even if you clean it with expensive materials such as non-ammonia glass cleaner, it will still scratch. In light of this, if you desire a helmet for a full-time job, it may not meet your expectations due to its minimal cushioning.

Lastly, the helmet lacks adjustments as well, and you could never tighten up even if it’s your head size to keep it from falling.

  • A Low Price Game Changer
  • True colour spectrum
  • Large viewing screen
  • Breathable cushion and straps
  • Lack of adjustment
  • Scratchy material
  • Sharp corners
  • Flimsy headband straps

Why Is It Necessary For Welders To Wear A Welding Helmet?

Welders work in an area where arcs can easily injure their eyes. Corneal infection is a painful disease that causes distress and discomfort. 

As well as helmets help prevent retinal burns caused by UV lights and sparks, which may lead to blindness. Other than that, white flash and ultraviolet light generated by the welding process can also cause trouble with your eyes. 

How To Protect Your Eyes And Skin? The best welding helmet 2021 acts like a superhero who protects his nation from evil. In the same way, it helps to reduce the effect of molten sparks by completely covering your skin and face. Also, it will help you to stay away from harmful gases that a welding process generates. 

Secondly, you have to determine the hazards in order to understand how a welding helmet works and why it’s mandatory. And, the three most common threats of welding processes are:

  • The extremely bright light that harms the retina
  • An invisible IR source that burns upon contact
  • A form of UV that damages the skin and the cornea

Is A Welding Helmet Able To Protect Me?

From the previous statement, infrared lights generated by welding processes can damage your skin. Therefore, you need to cover your body’s sensitive areas. These include ears, face, scalp, and neck. 

To accomplish protecting and working as a veteran, you need a helmet. Since it provides complete protection to your body and prevents UV light, sparks, and metal.

Why are ultraviolet rays generated from the welding process harmful? As you know, any form of UV light somehow damages human body cells. But overexposure to UV rays can kill DNA cells, leading to skin cancer and other skin diseases when it comes to welding and professionalism. 

Besides protecting your skin, welding helmets also play a crucial role in protecting your eyes. Glass helmets with darkened lenses act as a light filter that keeps rays from reaching your eyes.

Coming to the shade level and numbers, every glass has its number and shade level. Basically, the higher the number, the darker and more protective the glass is.

In addition, you’ll see different numbers on helmets. You can choose a number between 1 and 10, so don’t get confused. 

Once you exceed level 10, the shade may reduce your ability to see arcs, and lifting the helmet is not always the solution. In addition, since there will be no protection of the arc, you could suffer some injury to your eyes or skin in case of any accidental arc strike.

Best Welding Helmet 2022: An Insider’s Guide

After looking at the importance, and our views on the best welding helmet 2022. Now, observe what you’ll need to consider before buying a welding helmet that’s super comfortable and extra protective. Wish you all the best!


Face covering is the essential part of a helmet. First, check whether the mask covers the sensitive part of the head or not. The features include the ears, neck, face, and scalp. As you know, these are libel to UV and IR rays if uncovered. 

Helmet Glass

Firstly, determine which level of glass filter you need according to your job role. After that, decide between several glass filters that vary from 1 to 10, and level 10 is best among all. 

We recommend not to go over ten because the higher the number, the darker it gets to see the world. So, therefore, you don’t need a much darker viewpoint that you’ll have to lift the mask in order to see the welding piece. 

Auto Darkening Glass

You’ll see a variety of glasses with auto-darkening features. It works like a chronic photo lens of glasses that turns from light to dark depending upon the situation and light accessibility. Further, it turns in milliseconds to provide you the best ever experience of welding.

Weight Of Your New Helmet

Welding is a different job from others, and its working hours are also different. Sometimes the work may exclude the usual routine of working 9 to 5. As a result, you could possibly be working for long hours wearing that same helmet. 

For that reason, your work weapon must be compact and lightweight to enable you to stay on site longer. Likewise, if your helmet is too heavy, your neck might get stiff or even worse. 

Extreme Level Comfort

Unlike the weight, if the helmet is uncomfortable because it doesn’t contain padding will irritate you at certain times at work. But, on the other hand, it may reduce the amount of time you spend working. Luckily, if you’re a pro at welding, you may not know that time is money, and you’ll often be working per hour jobs. So, get a helmet with multiple paddings to ensure an extreme level of comfort.

Point Of View

What’s the level of clarity from inside the helmet? Do you see the world clearly, and do you have a good field of vision? These aspects are mandatory to consider in a product while working on a construction site in order to prevent accidents or injuries.

As well as the clarity plays a significant role in how clear you’ll see the metals. Further, lenses have four criteria to lie on, with a grade level between 1 and 3 in each variety. And, a score of 1/1/1/1 is the best helmet you’ll never regret.

Minimum Quality Standards

Welding follows the ANSI Z87.1 standard for quality. In other words, it ensures that all brands create eye and face protection gadgets that meet a minimum standard. So make sure the helmet you’re going to buy meets the criteria and has the certification level you’ll need.

Other considerations For A Perfect Helmet

Custom Welding Helmet Designs

Modern welding helmets, not only protect your eyes and face, but some brands also add an aesthetic dimension to your welding. 

Also, if you aren’t on a budget, you can spend a little extra on your next gadget with cool features. However, remember the standards of quality and other aspects discussed above before getting a custom design helmet.

Multi-Purpose Helmet

As you know, a welder handles different kinds of jobs like grinding and cutting along with welding while working in a workshop. If you’re one of them, then it’ll be your wish to get a helmet that comes in handy in all scenarios.

Lastly, we want to share that all the market helmets are from different brands, but they are all of superb quality. Again, we want to inform you that you should get a helmet with flexible control, extra comfort, and lightweight capabilities.

The Bottom Line- Hitting the Right Spot:

We know that you loved our reviews of the best welding helmet, which drew you to the end. Usually, we discuss our reviewed products in the final verdict and choose the best gear from among all of them.

So for today, Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 is our top pick as it has 1/1/1/1 optical clarity ratings along with the best auto darkening delay features. In addition, you’ll get a helmet bag, bandana, 5 outside cover lenses, and 2 inside cover lenses more on the board, which will make you a Viking while wearing this beast.

And suppose you do want a budget-friendly best welding helmet. In that case, you can wish for YESWELDER LYG-M800H as it contains all the features that an occasional welder needs.

That’s all! Thank you for staying with us until the end. Weld safely!

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