How Long Does It Take To Become A Welder

How Long Does It Take To Become A Welder?

In your curiosity to become a welder, you are researching how long does it take to become a Welder. Before we go deeper with the details of what it truly takes to become a welder, let us make sure you have some requirements in mind.

What Does A Welder Do?

A welder binds two pieces of metal using intense heat techniques. He does this by following a chemical process. 

Here are some essentials and information to help ensure you understand the functions:

  1. Analyzes the output shape and design.
  2. Determines the essential tools, required equipment, and welding machine for each weld.
  3. Preparing the two pieces.
  4. Joins and welds the pieces according to the client’s demand.
  5. Monitors the devices regularly to avoid overheating and damage.
  6. Follows all the safety, health, and environmental procedures for a healthy and profitable weld. 

How Much a Welder can Earn?

Each one of us who makes our living following any profession tries to figure out how much that profession pays. So today, we will tell you what a welder makes. 

Primarily, they work on a full-time basis. They keep an eye on repairing or reshaping a building’s specific types of structures. 

Sometimes, a welder doesn’t work from 9-5. Their working hours are long, and their daily work schedule differs from regular jobs. 

When it comes to salary, it depends on the process the welder is working on. Also, the education and certifications they’ve got to become one.  

Since the salary and certifications go side-by-side. Meaning if you learn more, you’ll earn more. Also, welders’ salaries vary from state to state and country to country. 

Moreover, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), shows that the median annual salary for a medium skilled worker is $41,000. 

But, keep in mind that the government report groups all categories of welders together. It includes cutters, solderers, and brazers; therefore, some are lower than others. 

As per our research, Indeed salary data for certified welders is relatively higher at $45000 per year. Whereas, Glassdoor lists the annual salary at only $39000. 

Who Earns More as a Welder?

Our research and knowledge indicate that pipe welders are the highest earners among all. To become one, you can take classes and receive certifications through various educational institutions. Technical Schools and Community Colleges are some of these.

In addition, you can earn the title of journeyman pipe welder by becoming a skilled worker or by earning a certificate in pipe welding.

The title also attracts employers and opportunities. Moving on to its salary, pipe labor can earn close to $50,000 a year or around $28 an hour.

How to become a welder?

You can follow the below steps to become a super-man of welding: 

  • Research Different types of jobs
  • Take courses
  • Perform well and earn a certificate
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Become a certified welder
  • Contact employers or search for relevant job

Research Different Types Of Welding Jobs

Since there are many welding procedures, we recommend figuring out which one is your strength before learning and becoming a welder.

However, you should know that every type has its career and own path. Therefore, earn certifications that are relevant to your concerned department.

All of these researches can also help you determine what you need to do on each welding job, and you can easily understand it.You can learn more about how to weld exhaust pipe on google and in our website. As mentioned earlier, all of this research helps you determine the training you need.

Job searching also shows what duties you’ll get to enjoy and when you can expect to reach that level.

Take Courses

Once you have found a career you wish to pursue as a welder, now find out what required educational requirements. Most welders require a high school diploma or GED.

How about taking it right from your high school? If there are welding classes there, it’s a good idea to take them. Because you’ll learn more about welding.

Due to the fact that welding is all about measuring the metals. So, you can take math courses that train you how to weld like geometry.

Perform Well And Earn Certificate

Upon completion of a high school diploma, you can enroll in welding certification programs. Most welding certification programs last between 6 months and two years.

And they can help you construct an excellent knowledge of welding jobs and duties. Some welding careers prefer you to enroll and earn an undergraduate degree in welding for better career prospects.

Gain Hands-on Experience

After fulfilling all the requirements of becoming a welder, you can now gain some hands-on experience.

Also, you can work on an internship basis or junior level according to your welding career to help you grow as a responsible welder.

Further, once you complete the internship, you have the option to stay in that company, or they allow you to apply for a full-time welding position at other companies.

Become a certified welder

Before securing a full-time gig as a welder, you must complete certification requirements specific to the field you’re pursuing. Also, you’ll get to know that there are plenty of certifications available for every type.

At an interview, the most important thing that an employer looks for is AWS certified welder certification. To earn this basic certificate, you can take the exam at various AWS accredited testing centers.

We are happy to tell you there is no prior requirement to take these exams. But what do the exams include? There will be a written portion, as well as an actual welding test, demonstrating your expertise.

Contact Employers Or Search For Relevant Job

After taking all the exams, and earning all the certifications, getting hands-on experience, now it’s time to launch. For welding jobs, you can search job postings online or in the newspaper as well.

To get a better response from employers and companies, you can add relevant skills to your resume. Also, you can add experience, and we recommend enlisting all the experience using specific examples.

More so, you can include skills and expertise in a separate section. Whichever approach you use, we suggest including all the skills required in the job posting.

Final Thoughts:

So, the simplest guide and answer to your how long does it take to become a welder question is present in the above guide. We encourage you to take classes as soon as possible. Thus, you can save time by enrolling in classes immediately. One last thing, we wish you good luck in your studies!

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